Monday, October 29, 2007

Got Pulled Over!

After several years in this country, I got pulled over first time this evening. I was driving home from work. My daily commute I have to take a County Road before getting on to the Interstate. The route I take is invariably crowded but today was exceptionally busy with stop and go traffic. I take a detour to avoid the rush hour traffic but I guess a lot of people know about this route too. I was starving, tired, had worked over the weekend therefore didn't catch up on my sleep and also had not slept well last night so again....was DEAD TIRED!!!! Anyway I have to make a right from the County Road onto a local road. It takes forever to get on to that right lane. Normally I patiently wait but this evening I didn't have the patience and gingerly stepped on the shoulder to drive up to the right lane *sheepish look while typing.* The light was red and there were few cars ahead of me who definitely were not making that turn and most importantly the right lane was EMPTY and looked so inviting! Hence very carefully I stepped on to the striped shoulder and went ahead at a speed of 10-15 mph. Yeah people even if I make an illegal turn yet I am a very careful driver! I drove defensively anticipating the move of those drivers ahead of me and therefore did look into the rear view mirror. Just as I stepped on to the right lane, I checked the rear view mirror to see a cop car following me. I was talking to K on the phone and was too scared to tell him what I did. As soon as I made the right turn the cop followed me and I saw the flashing red and blue lights! I told K that I had to go as I needed to concentrate on the road.

Anyway I stopped and a tall rather handsome man walked up to my car and asked for my license and registration. I was a little nervous but keeping my composure asked him, "Is something wrong officer?" He said, "Yes M'am you were driving on the shoulder." I didn't say anything and gave him the required documents. He came up to me and said that he was not going to give me a ticket and that I should be rather careful and not repeat this. He said that he had observed me and noticed how I was gingerly treading across the shoulder. In fact he chuckled while saying this. He then told me that I looked rather tired so he assumed that I wanted to get home as soon as possible. Then he looked at my license and said, "Wow is this where you live? You do have quite a commute. Please drive safely." I smiled and thanked him but was really surprised. Then I realized that sometimes a persons appearance matters a lot. With my serious clothes and glasses I looked more like a boring librarian or a very studious person than a miscreant OR maybe it was just my lucky day. Anyway I am planning to hit the sack rather early this evening and catch up on my sleep.

MORAL OF THE STORY: No matter what do not drive on the shoulder and if you insist on doing so make sure you are wearing glasses and rather boring clothes!