Sunday, July 26, 2009

Random Rant

This summer I have been planning to catch up on my reading. I get a feeling that I am regressing and that my brain is atrophying because the only reading I do is related to my work. The only writing that I have done is very technical and related to my work. When I emailed from work to my spouse the other day, I began by writing "Pursuant to our conversation, attached please find....," and almost ended it with the cursory, "Your truly." This caused me to wake up from my reverie and realize that I am turning into a robot. I feel like my vocabulary is almost non-existent these days. I don't believe that I am turning into Paris Hilton by describing everything as "That's Hot." Fortunately, I have not yet started using "like" to fill in the void left by my atrophying brain and inadequate vocabulary limiting my articulation. However I feel that I should spend my evening rather constructively by reading than vegetating on the couch.

I decided to proactively address this and therefore made a trip to the library and borrowed a few books. In addition, I requested via interlibrary loaning services some non-fiction books that were on my to-read list but weren't been tackled due to procrastination. As soon as I got home with a stack of books, I started reading them. I spent a quiet evening in the park, lazing by the lake and reading for a two to three hours. Life was perfect until Monday morning two weeks ago. I have been swamped with deadlines and I am back to work related reading, which has now extended on to the weekends as well. My only wish is that soon I shall be able to deal with my overwhelming deadlines and get back to catch up on my reading. Until then my blog entries will continue to be very technical and uninspiring….that is what I am doomed for…a life of mundane existence.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I am back.....

After a few months of hiatus and completely escaping from the blogosphere...I am back. I missed coming home and writing minutiae of my mundane existence. Anyway I missed interacting with my other blogger friends and the wonderful conversations that we used to have. Of course out of all my blogger buddies two of them actually became my “friends” on facebook. So overall it has been a great experience and I want to continue that.