Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sunday lunch the Thai way

My husband and I love Thai food, actually I am wrong we just love food. Anyway we especially love their green and red curries. Savoring those curries is an orgasmic experience. My husband always laughs whenever I say this. It reminds him of Meg Ryan in the restaurant scene in “When Harry met Sally.” The famous scene where Sally (Meg Ryan) and Harry (Billy Crystal) are arguing over a man’s inability to recognize a fake orgasm and Sally claims that men cannot tell the difference. Ryan, who is fully clothed and eating her lunch, to prove her point demonstrates the skill as other diners watch. The scene ends with Meg Ryan casually returning to her meal as a nearby patron places her order: "I'll have what she's having."

Anyway we either go to Siam in Lambertville, NJ or Thai Village in Princeton, NJ. Siam is wonderful. The ambience is rather simple but the food and service is outstanding. It is a BYOB (bring your own bottle) place. The only problem is that it is rather small and is so popular that you have to make prior reservations on weekends. So if you crave for Thai food on weekends then you cannot satisfy your craving unless you are ready to wait for a few hours! We also go to Thai Village in Princeton. This restaurant has had mixed reviews but I simply LOVE their green and red curries. This place is unpretentious in a rather pretentious town like Princeton. Again it is BYOB, moderately priced and the ambience is very simple but the food is very good. My husband loves Pad Thai but according to him this place doesn’t compare with Siam. I beg to differ though!

Anyway so today we decided to go for a late lunch. The place was rather empty barring a few people. As soon as we entered we noticed an Indian couple, who noticed us as well and kept staring at us. Whenever people look at me, I usually nod at them. These guys obviously didn’t quite understand basic courtesy. The woman had a dour face and kept on staring while the guy (according to my husband) was checking me out from the corner of his eye. Note to self: Don’t nod at FOBs EVER (being a FOB myself I can say FOB without it ever being offensive to anyone). We settle down near a window and two tables behind us is a chatty group of three Americans, two guys and one woman. They were older probably in their late fifties and appeared to be the intellectual types. One of the men apparently loves the sound of his voice. He was talking nonstop the entire time. The Indian couple leaves in a little bit and there are just the five of us in that restaurant.

The three patrons were already eating when we walked in but I could hear them better than my husband, who was seated across the table. This man was holding a monologue and was talking about himself. We were forced to eavesdrop but got so bored. There is only so much one can listen to other people’s stories about themselves. Anyway very soon our order arrives. I must say that their service is very quick. By the way the guy was still talking loudly and we were both very annoyed. The red curry, as always, was excellent; I love the flavor that Thai basil renders to the dish. I again make that comment to my husband about how this is so orgasmic. My husband starts laughing again. He jokingly suggests that perhaps I should try the Meg Ryan scene so that the loud talker behind us shuts the hell up!

I am savoring the lovely aroma and I am completely engrossed in my food and therefore neither do I hear my husband nor the people behind us. After a few morsels the only sound I heard was my teeth chewing and felt my taste buds registering the various flavors. The annoyance was replaced by sheer bliss! I didn’t care about where this man went on vacation or what the hell he did in Africa. Oh by the way the guy reminded me of Peterman from Seinfeld and my expression was just like what Elaine had, whenever Peterman started narrating his escapades in exotic locations! To all my Maharashtrian readers, don't you think Seinfeld's humor is a lot like our own, the late Pu La Deshpande's humor?


Anonymous said...

Heh.. funny post. Thai food is good. Easy to make at home too since the red/green/yellow curry pastes are easy to find.
I hear ya about some Desi's who stare and ofcourse the desi's/non desi's who always have to be loud.

lol@orgasmic food.

Sai said...

Thanks Sanjay:

Don't you agree though Seinfeld's humor is a lot like Pu la Deshpande's humor.

Foodie's Hope said...

Hey Sai! You recovered enough to go to Thai food already:) Your post is hilarious,some people are like that, so engrossed in their own world that they don't realize how ridiculous they sound!
I am still waiting for Maharastrian fare you told me you would put it up! Have fun !!

Anonymous said...

Sai..maybe. I have to confess I never read much of his writing though. I might hve gone to one Pula play and heard his story telling once.

Ya go figure that one.. am one of those wierd Ghaatis I guess.

Sai said...

@ Foodie Hope:
I will get to it soon. I haven't had time to type out the recipes yet.

@ Sanjay: are not weird at all. I wouldn't voluntarily read a Marathi book even today. It is quite a difficult language. I know abt Pula's work because my mother used to read stuff to us when we were younger! We also happened to get some DVDs on our previous trip home which refreshed our memories.